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testimonial Conservation comes naturally.

Conservation has always been present on estates and it forms a fundamental part of our management philosophy at Winton.

Whether we are dealing with buildings, furniture or fine art, they are all worth conserving and require specialist care and attention.


Winton Castle pre-dates Christopher Columbus and much of the famous interiors are a product of some of the most skilled craftsmen in the land.

Estate housing is in the main from the nineteenth century and farm buildings come from this time also. As such, they are worth conserving since history can be read from the mortar.

Works of art

The Winton Castle’s collections of furniture and artwork have come from grand tours since the eighteenth century. This included a shopping trip to Rome for a Caravaggio (since sold – sadly) and scouring the Turkish Empire whilst on diplomatic duty.

The contents of four great houses ended up, to a large part, at Winton. The castle has therefore had the pick of the bunch, while the National Gallery has benefited from the odd Gainsborough!

Restoration, usually carried by local specialists, is an ongoing process, often revealing the item’s original glory.

You can also see Winton’s approach to wildlife and its conservation.