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Green Tourism

testimonial 900 years of sustainable stewardship.

Since 2011 Winton has annually received the coveted Gold Green Tourism Business Award (GTBS) for its sustainable approach to corporate events and private parties.

Here’s why:

  • Energy use is monitored and where possible, makes use of renewable sources. The pioneering district heating system for Winton Castle and six cottages using woodchips for fuel is one example.  This is estimated to save some 100 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions each year.
  • The wood processing machine converting long lengths of timber into firewood is powered by solar panels. Any excess electricity from the solar panels or wind turbine is exported to the national grid.
  • Estate woodlands (around 800 acres) and farmland (around 1,600 acres) contribute to about 2,500 tonnes of carbon being absorbed from the atmosphere (the same as the carbon emissions from 250 average households).
  • The farmland and forestry are managed in a sustainable way which encourages wildlife and biodiversity. This is done using field edges for wildlife to travel between habitats, uncropped areas and careful use of chemical sprays and fertilizers.
  • Recycling is standard practice at the Castle and self-catering properties for aluminium, glass, paper & computers and plastics from the farm (bale wrap) and woodland (tree guards).
  • Wherever possible, we use local suppliers and employ people living locally to support our local communities and minimize travel to work.
  • We want to continue the tradition of running charitable events along with corporate and private events.

We can even arrange eco-friendly, zero emissions chauffeur driven Tesla motor cars from Ecosse-EV to transport guests from Edinburgh Airport and the city centre. Or you can hire a Tesla and experience its quiet, smooth, power for yourself.

It is hoped to advertise a position of Estate Ranger in order to further integrate a conservation philosophy with sound practice on the ground. It is expected that this will lead to green tourism activities so others can share in the action.

For now – see what’s happening with the wild life at Winton by checking out our Facebook posts.