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Early Twentieth Century

testimonial There is no record of children at Winton for the first four centuries until 1920.

Those of the staff who were used to a formal and courteous approach in the gardens, grounds and housekeeping were no doubt in for a shock when Constance’s nephew (by marriage) Gilbert Ogilvy arrived at Winton. He arrived by train at Winton Station in 1920 with three children and two more to come later.

An Architect and his family at Winton

Gilbert was the youngest son of Henry’s eldest brother, Reginald. He had done work for his aunt, building amongst other things, the Winton Laundry House. The gardens were already partially landscaped although he and his wife Marjory naturally made their own improvements.

He relinquished his Dundee architectural practice and moved from his family home of Baldovan, on the outskirts of Dundee down to Winton.

Marjory Ogilvy continued to live at Winton with her eldest son David for a further five years after Gilbert’s death in 1956. She had brought a Fielding connection once again through her mother whose family, Clive, were descended from the same Feildings and Earls of Denbigh as Constance’s cousin, Lucy Grant, adding another twist in the family histories of those connected with Winton.

One visitor to the house remarked on the benefits of knowing ones place in family history. It is surprising how often the families have overlapped. Similarly, Gilbert’s brother married Constance’s cousin, Christian Bruce, daughter of the 9th Earl of Elgin, bringing a link back two generations later after Mary Bruce.