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Recent Times

testimonial Sir David Ogilvy was the 13th Baronet of Inverquarity and succeeded his father at Winton.

Although Sir David Ogilvy trained as an accountant, he retrained in farming and forestry to look after the Estate. He invested most of his time in the running of the Estate, basing his operations at Wintonhill Farm which he took in hand.

His marriage at the age of 52 to Penelope Hills was a surprise to family and friends who had given up hope! Together they improved the Castle and Estate, as generations had tried to do before them.

The let farms were made over into a Trust in 1968 and the remainder of the Estate, including Winton Castle, followed over the next twenty years.

Their son, Francis, is now 14th Baronet and lives at Winton with his wife Dorothy and their four children, Robert, Calum, Hamish and Elspeth.

This account of the individuals and families connected with Winton is intended to give a flavour of what went on, why and with whom. It is a fascinating place, so steeped in history that one cannot avoid being aware of those who have gone before.

In many ways, this is a humbling experience; they have been kings and they have been coalmen, but all have played their part to develop a home and a haven. It is a pleasure to welcome visitors to share what Winton has to offer; I invite you to take part in the next chapter of Winton’s fascinating story.