Tug o' wars are often part of a Winton Games
Tug o' wars are often part of a Winton Games

The Winton Highland Games has always drawn on local, East Lothian traditions.  This year we have added several new activities including hay bale rolling, the farmers’ walk, throwing the Winton hammer. Highland dancing and even piping instruction are also available.

These run alongside throwing the Winton stone, ‘weight-for-distance’ competitions, tossing the hay bale and tug-o’wars. And, yes, Winton Games also include tossing the caber!

“The Winton Games have a competitive edge but are a lot of fun. Everyone gets involved, even in November, and there’s always plenty of whisky to be won!”

We can cater for groups of 30 to 300. Each team is given team wear such as different coloured baseball hats (with your logo on if required), and team names. Suitable clothing is trainers/walking boots, jeans, shorts/ t-shirts and a waterproof just in case.

Our Events Manager adds:

“Yes, the sun always shines at Winton ….but, we can supply plastic ponchos for the unprepared!”

More information is available in our Winton Games section.

To enquire about your Winton Games, please contact Morag Morrison on 01875 340222 or complete the enquiry form.