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Experience the ancient art of bushcraft at Winton Castle and learn how our early ancestors survived more than 500 years ago.

In the middle ages, fire making and knife skills were essential for survival. These bushcraft skills were needed for making fires to cook food and keep warm, and carving bows and arrows for hunting and fighting, as well as crafting bowls, spoons and spatulas.

Bring your team or group to try their hand at these fascinating bushcraft skills and learn how Winton’s ancestors survived. You’ll be thoroughly entertained by our bushcraft expert.

Bushcraft Gift Vouchers

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Activities During COVID-19

In line with the current government guidelines, we can still run clay pigeon shooting (subject to guideline changes). Our priority is the safety of our guests and staff so strict Covid protocols are being followed. Please see our Activity Covid-19 Policy.

On a Winton bushcraft experience, you’ll learn…:

  • The old ways of making fire using steel and stone to generate sparks.
  • About natural tinder. Use the sparks to ignite your tinder.
  • About kindling and how to combine all the elements together to create an open fire.
  • Some knife skills. 500 years ago everyone had some form of knife and would have known how to use them safely.
  • The knife grips and strokes required for different tasks to turn sticks into usable items.
  • Some of the skills of making a medieval arrow for you to keep and take home as a souvenir. Discover different arrow heads and what they were used for.
  • How to use an open fire to straighten your arrow shaft and process natural glue to fix your arrow heads, then create your own Mesolithic arrow.

Up to 8 to 10 visitors are supervised by each of our bushcraft instructors.

Contact the Events Team to create an entertaining timeless experience.