Winton Estate in East Lothian Is Set in Some of Scotland’s Best Farmland

Winton Estate can be likened to a large (2,000 acre) garden: we grow food on our arable farmland and trees in a mixture of woodlands; we nurture habitat for wildlife, and we offer workplaces and homes.

Since 1779, there have been six generations of Hamiltons, Nisbets and latterly Ogilvys (all linked by marriage) who have cherished and developed the estate. Before that, the Setons owned Winton for almost 600 years – being granted an earldom of Winton in 1600.

We’re fortunate to have some of the best farmland in the country and diverse woodlands. Since 2000, we have opened up hospitality. It has always been used for entertaining; the difference now is that there is a much wider audience and more opportunities. We hope you will enjoy the estate as a place to work, celebrate, or relax and be restored.

Winton Estate’s Values & Purpose

"A thing of beauty is a joy for ever"

John Keates: Endymion

Good principles of stewardship motivate us to play our part in shaping the countryside.

Winton is a small rural estate big on ambition; our strapline, ‘Intimacy on a grand scale’, seems to suit our style! We foster sustainability and values that guide our treatment of the land, buildings, and people. We aim to:

  • Learn from and work in harmony with nature.
  • Respect the past, adapt for today and provide for the future.
  • Reveal Winton’s natural beauty and diversity for enjoyment and sharing.

Winton History

The more we learn about who has gone before, the more we are motivated to look after Winton Estate as it is today. By visiting Winton, you are adding colour and layers to its already rich and diverse past.

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Conservation & ESG

At Winton Estate, we are committed to making a positive impact on the natural environment, our staff and our community.

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Winton is an agricultural estate where farming occupies the main land activity. Our crops and livestock thrive on the quality of our soils and husbandry.

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The Winton woods are becoming very special. They are diverse in age and species and managed across generations for timber quality, wildlife habitat, carbon capture and recreation.

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Winton Logs

A log fire or stove warms the soul as well as a room. Burning Winton Wood – you know the timber has come from sustainably managed woodlands, you know it will be dry and you know you’ll be happier!

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