Intimacy on a Grand Scale

Winton Castle and Estate

Winton is resting, as if granted a sabbatical. As if nature is doing its best to counter the current difficulties. The birds sing at full volume; the flowers give off their perfume and the countryside is alive - each day giving something fresh.

We long to be able once again to share Winton’s privileged beauty and energy with you. You will indeed be welcomed back!

We hope the Winton Walks are proving restorative for those local to us.

Of course we’re still open to enquiries and bookings We’re continuing to work hard to maintain the Winton as a place to visit for weddings, dinners, activity days or to stay in one of our three self-catering farmhouses.

We can still take you on a virtual tour of the Castle (please request the link). The Potting Shed and Walled Garden provide the understated combination for work, rest or play for planning and recovery. Our Activities are poised to offer fun, laughter and memories to share. So, why wait for certainty when you can book now on our flexible terms?

Down the centuries we’ve witnessed invasions and rebellions; in this 21st century lockdown, we remain vigilant to create something special and safe to offer as a tonic for when you can come here again.

Please do get in touch. We’d love to offer something really special for the days ahead.

Francis Ogilvy

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