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Laser Tag near Edinburgh

testimonial Laser Tag was lively and fast-paced.
Gemma Price, Office Manager

New Laser Tag Relaunch at Winton

We’ve recently relaunched Winton Laser Tag in woods close to Winton Castle. It’s bigger and better!

Laser tag is like a real life computer game with live sounds and game scenarios. Unlike paintball, there are no messy or painful paintballs, it’s completely safe and ecologically friendly, and there’s not a TV in sight. Winton Laser Tag is great for team building, corporate reward events, birthday parties, and stag dos and hen parties.

Competition is ensured because hits and kills are automatically recorded, so scores can be compared and prizes awarded.

You can choose from lots of different game scenarios.

Domination: can your team win the battles?

Domination is fast-paced and ideal for a corporate fun day and team building event. Groups of up to 150 can take part, split up into teams of about 15 each. The battle ground can be set up in the walled garden with Winton Castle as the back drop.

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Capture the Flag: Who’s got the fastest strategy for stealing the flag?

More of a strategy game and often played twice. Team one’s objective is to defend the flag for the duration of the game; team two aims to ‘capture the flag’ as quickly as possible. Then the teams are swapped over.

Zombies: How long can the human race survive?

One team are the zombies and the other humans; see how long the human race can survive before you all turn into zombies.

Great for a party theme and ideal for stag and hen parties.

Free For All: Who will be crowned ‘last person standing’?

A no holds barred shoot-out which can be good to finish on. No teams, everyone on their own! The aim is to be the last person left alive.

Winton Laser Tag can be included with other activities, lunches, barbecues or dinners.

Give it a shot!