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Wine and Champagne Tastings

testimonial Give your palate a treat.

Wine tasting and Champagne

Wine tasting and Champagne tasting always go down well with Winton Castle visitors; perfect for winding down either after an afternoon of energetic outdoor activities or as a treat after a day of meetings.

Working with expert and entertaining sommeliers we can lay on a delicious range of wines and Champagnes from the Old and New World, learning about their exciting histories and useful tips to impress.

If you haven’t tried Champagne tasting before, you will learn about grape varieties, why the size of bubbles is important and how to read a label.

You can even test your taste buds with a blind tasting of some of the world’s best known Champagne houses from France: Krug, Louis Roederer’s Cristal, vintage Dom Perignon, Veuve Clicquot La Grand Dame, and more.

Cheese Tasting

Why not pair some delicious Fine British cheeses with your wines and learn about the fascinating process of cheese-making form their seasonal nature to their complex characteristics.

We are delighted to work in collaboration with The Cheese Lady in Haddington who is passionate about artisan and farmhouse cheese and will be able to entice you with her expert knowledge:

“Proper cheese is the expression of its terroir, in the same way as great wines are. It’s made up of nutritious and flavorsome milk sourced from happy and healthy animals, skillful cheese making, and very importantly, careful affinage; it exudes local history, traditions, and culture.
An outstanding cheese married with an equally fine wine is a truly wonderful sensory experience. I love talking to people about this “affordable luxury”, tasting cheeses and wines with them, sharing my knowledge about their origins and production methods. The most enriching and amazing part of what I do is to see people learn to appreciate fine cheeses and become lifetime aficionados.”

Craft beer and Ale tasting

With the exciting flourish of craft beer and ale production in Scotland we are delighted to offer you an alternative tasting by sampling some of the finest brews. Pairing these beers and ales with some Scottish cheeses also makes for a delicious gourmet affair.

We would be delighted to customise your tasting to suit your numbers and requirements, whether your tasting is in conjunction with other activities or an independent event,  please contact us for more information.

Book your wine tasting and Champagne tasting now.