Aberdeen Asset Management - Winton Self-Catering

Reasons for choosing Winton’s self-catering properties

“We needed staff houses for our team of Aberdeen Asset and Corbis Entertainment employees during the Aberdeen Asset Management Scottish Open golf tournament in July,” says Ellie Mainwaring from AAM.

“The size and cost of each self-catering property were the primary factors in making our decision. The distance from Gullane was not ideal but we did not want to be in a hotel and, after viewing the properties in person, we decided the 20 minute drive was acceptable.

Scottish Open at Gullane - Winton Self-Catering


Putting the catering back into self-catering

Ellie Mainwaring from Aberdeen Asset Management continues: “The ability of Winton to provide food and drinks at both of the country houses was an added bonus ensuring the team did not have to cook after long days at the event.

“Catering was provided for 4 nights of the week, including a BBQ for 20 on the Saturday night at Winton Cottage.

“Evening meals were of excellent quality. The BBQ was equally good and the Winton staff on-site did a great job of cooking and cleaning up.”

Scottish Open - Aberdeen Asset Management

Like a ‘home from home’

“The surrounding areas and gardens are all stunning. The house is of a high quality and gives you the feeling of being in a home from home.

“The games room was great for entertaining and a good place to relax.”

Winton House’s big, 4 and 5 star self-catering country houses are available for long weekends, short breaks and full weeks. With 5 to 6 bedrooms, each property accommodates about 12 guests and is ideal for golfing parties. You can self-cater or cater. See more