A private party and ceilidh at Winton House near Edinburgh
A private party and ceilidh at Winton House near Edinburgh

A blog by Grace Holtkamp from North Carolina who held a private party at Winton House in late June to celebrate her graduation from Edinburgh University.

Provided on an exclusive use basis, Winton House is an outstanding hospitality venue for bespoke private parties, family celebrations, special birthdays and milestone anniversaries.

Grace Holtkamp gives the background to her exclusive private party: “we had a ceilidh to celebrate my graduation from Edinburgh University with about 45 guests, cocktails on arrival and a selection of delicious buffet food.

“Our guests were family members as well as university friends and their families and dates. They came from Scotland as well as America, Norway, and Switzerland.

“Months later our guests are still talking about our party at Winton. The young couples found the House romantic, and the parents were greatly impressed by the level of professionalism of the staff and the sophistication of the venue. Finally, the grandparents were happy to find that the seating, acoustics and temperature of the venue made them feel very comfortable.

“Overall, many of our guests commented that the night was special because it brought everyone together ‘under one roof’. The feeling of being in a private home encouraged everyone to meet and mingle, and guests who did not know each other enjoyed sharing the experience of appreciating Winton House together. Many left as friends when they’d arrived as strangers.

Private party family celebration at Winton House
Guests mingling in the ballroom

“The dancing and music went very well. The food was delicious and everyone got so excited to be eating and chatting amid the lovely art and furniture of Winton’s rooms. They couldn’t stop taking pictures and the conversation flowed.

“The quality of Winton’s hospitality is outstanding. We had never held such a large or formal event before. Being from overseas we were somewhat intimidated by the prospect, but we were so well taken care of every step of the way that we were relieved we’d chosen Winton.

“Winton House is remarkable because of its history, beauty, and location. Many venues tick all these boxes but are not, in the end, very family friendly, because they lose some degree of warmth and friendliness in their commitment to elegance or formality.

“Winton stands out in contrast to these venues, because the staff are as welcoming and encouraging as they are professional. Every guest was welcomed personally and the tours of the House told everyone its history.

“An hour or so into the event I think most of us really did feel as if it were our own home for the night, because we certainly loved it as if it were.”