Winton House always was ‘the Castle’ to many who have visited. To them, the change back may be overdue. Certainly it reflects the popular perception.

Once a castle, perhaps always a castle. It was only in the 1960s that the name reverted to house.

Winton remains the Ogilvy family home – offering an atmosphere which characterises the welcome and feel of the place from the long drive through the gates, to the impressive entrance through two large hallways into the great hall.

Recent work has revealed more of the castle of the Scottish Renaissance – built by the Earl of Winton to impress those at court. External features, notably the famous stone twisted chimneys include what were enclosed in the eighteenth century but now shine out to visitors to say ‘welcome!’ – just as they would have done for the visiting Charles I.

The late Nigel Tranter, one of Scotland’s foremost historians and an authority on castles commented that there was no particular rule behind adoption of the name. Since the feel is now more Castle than House – with a new website – – comes a new name.

The team at Winton certainly hope to make their hospitality service worthy of the name. A warm invitation to potential guests is offered to come and see for themselves.

Francis Ogilvy
6 February, 2017