Rensburg Sheppards investment managers enjoying wine and canopes on the croquet lawn

Rensburg Sheppards hosted a garden party at corporate event venue Winton House near Edinburgh earlier in June for 120 guests.

Rensburg Sheppards is a major investment management company dating back to 1806. The firm combines the names and traditions of long-established businesses in London, Leeds and Liverpool, with their roots in nineteenth century Britain’s industrial and financial wealth.

The company has 11 regional offices including a new office recently opened in Edinburgh.

You can see a slide show of the garden party on Flickr (click on slide show on right of Fickr page).

Rensburg Sheppards’ Events Team answers some questions on their recent event at Winton House.

What was your event at Winton House?

“A garden party associated with our sponsorship of the Scottish Gardens Scheme and their guide to the ‘Gardens of Scotland’.

“We host several garden parties throughout the UK and this one was held as a thank you to our clients as well as for the benefit of other Scottish guests.”

What was the feedback from guests?

“The feedback was very positive and appreciative. Our guests enjoyed the whole atmosphere from the moment they arrived. Everyone was relaxed and the weather was fabulous with the temperature in the 20’s.”

What aspects of your event went really well?

“Although primarily a garden party, being given access to interesting inside space is a great bonus especially with the unpredictable British weather. Guests were particularly pleased to be able to enjoy the rooms at their leisure.

“The service running up to and on the day was excellent.

“On arrival our guests were served afternoon tea with sumptuous home cooked cakes inside the House. The guests were given a short tour and brief history of Winton House, and then enjoyed drinks and canapes on the croquet lawn.

“The organisation and efficiency of the hospitality team was much appreciated. Organising an event of this size from such a distance is always much easier when working with a confident and experienced events team.

“The whole day was fantastic. Morag’s smile and words of welcome helped to set the scene for the afternoon. All the staff were extremely helpful, including the staff guiding guests in the car park which was certainly an added bonus.”

Is there anything unique that makes Winton stand out compared to alternative venues?

“This was only the second year we have held such an event in Scotland. However, to be able to use such a historic venue that offers not only spectacular grounds but also a well looked after House ticks all our requirements for this annual event.

“Whilst it was primarily the gardens we’d come to see, access to the House can be a bonus, and in this case was probably the star of the show. Getting both of these right at the same time, combined with exceptional service, puts Winton high on the scale.”

Please call or email the events team if you would like to organise a garden party or any other event at Winton House.