Classic CarsLast Friday was a fabulous Scottish spring day at Winton House near Edinburgh. Warm enough for a corporate BBQ and picnic with rides in classic cars for entertainment. This event was brought to Winton by our partners at Hello Scotland.

Click on this link to go to Flickr to see some photos of the event (ideally click on the slide show icon on the right of the Flickr page).

Claire Scott at Hello Scotland, the corporate incentive agency, makes some comments below on why they chose Winton House for their event and how things went on the day.

Why did you choose Winton House for your client’s incentive event?

“The picnic lunch at Winton House was a practical stop to allow our guests to stretch their legs en route from Newcastle to Loch Lomond – but it also had to be ‘the House’ to perfectly encompass what Scottish hospitality is all about – so we wanted the ideal combination of delicious home cooking, good natured / friendly staff, attention to detail with the presentation, and flexibility in the case of bad weather. 

“We also wanted a good place to allow the organization of a classic car route for the guests to enjoy rides in old British classics.  First impressions visually were as important as the guests feeling free to explore the grounds and house at their leisure as well.”

Who were the guests at your event?

“They were 110 Dutch World Sales Winners with their partners, taking part in an incentive – with a trip to Scotland being their ‘prize’.”

What was the feedback from guests?

“The emotion of Scotland was captured by Winton. They had a really enjoyable time in the cars and the food was great!  They loved the weather! 

“I thought the picnic layout was super – with all the baskets, rugs and hay bales all ready as the guests arrived.  This also allowed for the guests to ‘pick their spot’ in advance of the usual queue at the buffet station.  Because of the free flow nature of this (with some food already in the baskets) the guests could start nibbling during the short wait for food.” 

Do you have any comments to make on the quality of Winton’s hospitality?

“Morag was fantastic and offered flexible solutions in the case of bad weather. She also advised on the best layout based on their previous experience. They went out of their way to provide pictures before the event so that my client could fully visualize in advance how the layout would work.” 

Is there anything unique that makes Winton stand out compared to alternative venues?

“Their friendly, ‘non-stuffy’, yet fully professional approach when preparing for the event and then seamless service and a display of teamwork on the day made the event a real success.  There was no need to ‘hand hold’ the event staff as they are seasoned professionals who you can fully trust.”

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