This is a short case study on a leading, global environmental business’s incentive event at Winton Castle. We are grateful to their contact, Mr McLean, for providing his feedback.

Why did you choose Winton Castle and what was the format for your event?

“We chose Winton Castle because it was local for most of the people attending and offered a range of activities that suited our group,” says Mr McLean.

“The guests were winners of a sales competition run by our employer and our objective was to have a fun-filled day.

“We were given bacon rolls and coffee on arrival then split up into groups for a 4×4 experience, miniature hovercraft racing and clay pigeon shooting. A BBQ lunch followed.”

What was the feedback from your guests?

“Everyone had a fantastic day and commented that the venue was stunning. The staff and event coaches were all great.

“Winton is a beautiful castle in a very tranquil setting, close to Edinburgh and easy to get to.”

Corporate Responsibility at Winton

Sustainability & ESG are embedded in Winton’s culture so Winton Castle welcomes any businesses which are playing an important role in supporting the environment.

Winton aims to play a role locally and nationally for the environment and its community.

Since 2011 Winton Castle has held a Gold Green Tourism Business Award (GTBS) for its sustainable approach to corporate hospitality and private hospitality.